Workforce Development, Training and Peer Support Supervision Requirements

In order to effectively meet the requirements of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), the Health Plan, Arizona Complete Health, must participate in development, implementation and support of trainings for contractors and subcontractors to ensure appropriate training, education, technical assistance, and workforce development opportunities. Specifically to:

  • Promote a consistent practice philosophy, provide voice and empowerment to staff and members,
  • Ensure a qualified, knowledgeable and culturally competent workforce,
  • Provide timely information regarding initiatives and best practices, and
  • Ensure that services are delivered in a manner that results in achievement of the Arizona System Principles, which include the Adult Service Delivery System-Nine Guiding Principles as outlined in Contract and Arizona Vision-Twelve Principles for Children Service Delivery as outlined in AMPM Policy 430.