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Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan and Community Consensus Collaborative (C3)

What is C3?  C3 is a collection of events and actions where the community of members, providers and stakeholders come together to share ideas and use the feedback to create the actions that address the areas of focus.  The 2023 focus is stigma and the use of value-based purchasing to help members reach their healthcare goals.  What is Stigma?  Unhelpful views of people with a disability. Negative feelings about persons with a mental illness can stop people from starting treatment. Stigma can create loneliness.

Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan held C3 Lead-Up events to gather ideas from the community – with input from 365 people.

On April 26, 2023, 110 community members took part in Arizona Complete Health-Complete Care Plan’s Community Consensus Collaborative (C3) Action Event. This included peers, family members, providers, and stakeholders. C3 brings together viewpoints from across the state. C3 works to bridge feedback to action. The 2023 focus is stigma and value-based purchasing. 

Roundtable Discussion Guide & Notes

What is Value-Based Purchasing?

Healthcare providers are paid based on their success in helping members reach treatment goals. Not by how many members they treat. When VBP works, it should:

  • Better health by managing diseases and/or stopping them before they happen.
  • Cut the cost of care by stopping hospital visits. Make sure people have quality healthcare so they do not need emergency services.
  • Improve the experience of the patient. Help patients play a role in their care to meet their goals.
  • Improve healthcare provider satisfaction. Give them tools, education, and support to stop burnout.